The holiday season is full of warm and cozy hygge opportunities. From cooking or baking family recipes to snuggling on the couch and watching holiday movies, there are a lot of ways to achieve the hygge feeling.

The ultimate family hygge tradition for this season is picking out and cutting down your very own Christmas tree. The quickest way to get you into the holiday spirit is getting a fresh tree and decorating it with the whole family.


“Christmas isn’t just a day—it’s a frame of mind.”

– Miracle on 34th Street –

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If you’re fortunate enough to live in an area where traditional holiday fir trees grow in abundance, then you can  go and pick one out easily. If not, thanks to the growing hygge movement, cut-your-own-tree farms are becoming more popular. Chances are there’s one within driving distance from your home.  In true hygge fashion, remember that it’s less about the tree and more about the experience.

Once you have a plan of where you’ll get your tree, it’s time to gather up the family. Get dressed in your holiday flannels, jeans, and boots, and head to the tree farm. Remember to bring a few warm blankets or scarves to help you all stay warm.

The best part of the experience, but not necessarily the easiest, is deciding which tree to bring home.

Once you’ve found the perfect tree and brought it home (tied to the roof of the car, no less!), it’s time to decorate.  Wrapping the tree with warm-colored lights and family-made decorations is definitely part of the hygge experience.

A perfectly decorated tree is not the goal of this tradition, but rather one that is put up with love, laughter, and family memories. To further the hygge vibe, light some candles around your home, and serve up some freshly baked holiday cookies, hot cocoa, and your favorite holiday music.

When I was a child, one of my favorite parts of Christmas was tromping into the woods to find our tree.  Inevitably, my father would choose the scrawniest, most sad-looking tree.  BUT…once it was decorated, it transformed into the most beautiful Christmas tree we’ve ever seen.

Making memories by cutting down your own tree and decorating it together really adds to the holiday fun and the feeling of hygge, and sets the tone for a warm, fun-filled holiday season.

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