Essential oils are my favorite decor item no matter what season or holiday, and right now, fall is in the air!

The leaves are turning and the mornings are crisp.  It’s the perfect time to start decorating for the Fall season.  Orange, brown, green are the colors of fall.  Pumpkins and leaves are popular decor items.  But the smells are my favorite – cozy, warm, and spiced.


“There is a time in the last few days of summer

when the ripeness of autumn fills the air,

and time is quiet and mellow.

– Rudolfo Anaya –

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Essential oils are a quick and easy way to make your whole house smell amazing.  I have three Fall-inspired essential oil recipes to share with you today.

These blends can be put directly into a diffuser, or:

  • mix them up in a dropper bottle and put a few drops on a tissue to hide in a wreath;
  • sprinkle on some fall-themed potpourri;
  • put a few drops in the melted wax of a burning candle;
  • mix them in a small spray bottle with water and you have an instant room spray or fabric freshener
  • add them to my 3-2-1 All Purpose Cleaner recipe – you can read about it HERE.

Sweet Morning Scent

4 drops Sweet Orange

    1 drop Cinnamon
    1 drop Peppermint
    2 drops Spearmint

Warm & Cozy

4 drops Cinnamon

    2 drops Clove
    2 drops Nutmeg
    1 drop Ginger

A Walk in the Forest

3 drops Frankincense

    2 drops White Fir
    1 drop Cedarwood
I hope you try one or all of these blends and enjoy the spirit of Fall in your home.


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