Today, we’re on a mission to find your design style. 

It’s not just about making your home look nice; it’s about creating a space that truly feels like you. 

And, once you discover your design style, shopping for your home becomes so much easier!


Design is so simple. 

That’s why it’s so complicated. 

Paul Rand

So, grab a beverage, and let’s do some detective work!

The first step in discovering your design style is to explore different aspects of design and figure out what you really like.

Color Palette

Have you ever noticed that certain colors make your heart do a little happy dance? 

Think about the color of your favorite sweater and the flowers you love – those hues can be the key to your design style.

Are you drawn to soothing blues, vibrant reds, or maybe bright yellow? 

Think about which colors bring you joy.

Texture and Materials

When it comes to decorating, it’s just as important to think about how things feel as how they look.

Consider the fabrics and materials that make you feel cozy or luxurious. 

The ones that you’re drawn to time and again.

Whether it’s the softness of a blanket or the cool touch of metal, these textures can guide you toward your design sweet spot.

Personal Experiences

Our memories often hold the secrets to our perfect design style. 

Think about places or moments that left a lasting impression. 

It could be a cozy cabin retreat or a chic city hotel. 

Extract those elements that made you feel content – that’s your style emerging!

Now, it’s time to get inspired.

Explore Existing Styles

Let’s take a tour through the wonderland of design styles. 

Scandinavian, Bohemian, Industrial – the options are endless. 

Dive into the characteristics of each style and see which elements speak to your heart. 

Your style adventure begins here!

Mood Boards and Inspiration

Let’s have some fun and get creative! 

Create a mood board with images that catch your eye.

Pinterest is an amazing tool for this. 

Notice patterns and common themes. 

Your board will become a visual roadmap to your unique design preferences.

Light blue sofa with two rattan side chairs and a light wood coffee table for a blog about design style

Watch the Experts

Check out a few of the multitude of home design TV shows and decor magazines.  

Which ones are you drawn to – what is their primary design style?  For example, Architectural Digest is modern/contemporary, whereas Better Homes & Gardens is more Traditional.

Figuring this out will help guide you toward a style that truly reflects you.

Now it’s time to bring it home!

Start Small

Big changes start with small steps. 

Pick one room, or a small space, and dip your toes into the design pool. 

Maybe you want to bring some coziness to your bedroom or add some glamour to your dining room. 

Test the waters with small decor pieces in your new favorite style, before taking the plunge and re-doing your entire house!!

DIY Projects and Personal Touches

Bring out your inner artist! 

Integrate some do-it-yourself projects that align with your chosen style. 

Add personal touches – family photos, heirlooms, or that quirky vase you picked up on vacation. 

Make your space uniquely yours.

Flexibility and Evolution

Embrace the fact that some of the elements of your current style preference may surprise you. 

And that’s okay! 

Be flexible and open to evolution. 

Your home design style can (and will) change with your tastes. 

Keep reassessing and updating to match the ever-evolving you.

I hope these ideas have inspired you to explore your unique design style.

Your home is your canvas, and every design and decor choice should make your heart smile. 

Remember, decorating your home isn’t a one-and-done thing. 

Keep exploring, adapting, and making your space a true reflection of your beautiful self.

**If you’re still a bit nervous about making decor changes in your home, read this article next: How to Overcome Fears when Decorating your Forever Home.

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