How do you feel when you walk into your bathroom?  Does it feel relaxing and calm or is it a hot mess of things you use to get ready for your day? 

If you’d like your bathroom to look and feel more like a spa, an oasis where you can soak away your troubles and relax, then this article is for you.


“I love the magic of a hot bath, how time pauses and every grievance melts away.

– Richelle E. Goodrich –

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Do you drool over the modern spa-like bathrooms in decor magazines?  I sure do!!  But do people actually live there??  Where are their curling irons??  ….and where do they put the toilet paper?? 

As a designer, I understand the concept of “staging” a bathroom for the perfect photo, but in real life, we have to make allowances for curling irons and toilet paper.  BUT that doesn’t mean we can’t have a spa-like bathroom in our own home too. 

There are lots of ways we can re-create the relaxing, zen-style bathrooms that we see in those magazines, complete with curling irons and toilet paper! 

Here are some of my favorite ways to transform your bathroom into an oasis of comfort and relaxation.


1. Change the Color 

The easiest way to transform any room is to give it a fresh coat of paint.  For a spa bathroom, think light colors.  Pale blues and greens, light beige and any variation of white works well.  These cool colors promote a sense of calm and relaxation.   

NB: The wall color near the mirrors will reflect onto your face, so keep that in mind when designing the space around your vanity. 


2. Update the Linens

Invest is some plush towels, bathrobes, mats and rugs.  Nothing says “spa” like soft, cozy textures in the bathroom.   


3. Bring in Nature

A touch of nature in the bathroom will enhance the relaxation experience.  Add a few leafy potted plants, or succulents in a linear pot, for a more modern feel. 

Natural wood floating shelves, trays or a bench will also bring in this element and make your space warm and soothing.


4. Scents Make Sense

Make your spa smell amazing with aromatherapy candles, essential oils, scented soaps and lotions.  The right scents will calm, soothe and relax you as soon as you walk in.  Some favorites are lavender, chamomile and jasmine.


5. Storage Solutions

Find a place to keep all of your morning and evening routine lotions, potions and tools hidden away.   Keep your counters clear for a modern, minimalist look.  Drawer organizers will keep your makeup and other implements coralled, but still easy to find. 

A small wooden counter tray for candles and bath products is a must in a spa-like bathroom and pretty baskets are great for storing your towels and facecloths and yes, even toilet paper. 


Let’s Recap!

How to Create a Spa-Like Bathroom at Home:

  • Paint light colors on the walls 
  • Buy some luxury linens
  • Bring in natural elements 
  • Add beautiful smells
  • Clear off the counters with creative storage

I hope you’ll try some of these ideas to create your own spa oasis in your bathroom, and please let me know how it goes or send me a picture – I’d love to see it! 

In the meantime, 

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