If you’re a senior and are finding that some things in your home just don’t work for your aging body anymore, then this article is for you.

Today, I want to share with you three things you can do in your kitchen that will make life easier now and in the future.


Retirement is not the end of the road.

It is the beginning of the open highway.

– Author Unknown –

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1. Move Frequently Used Dishes to Lower Drawers

As we age, reaching up to get your dishes or other kitchen items can strain your arms and back.  Moving your most used dishes and glassware to lower drawers will make preparing your meals so much easier.

Some of my clients have put two place settings in the “utensil drawer”, then moved the utensils to a pretty jar on the counter. 

Don’t worry about what’s “supposed” to go in your higher cabinets (I hear this a lot). Ease and safety are much more important than aesthetics and your muscles and joints will thank you.

2. Install a Touchless Faucet with a Timed Shut Off

Faucets have come a long way with new technology.  There are many gorgeous faucets now that turn on and off with the wave of your hand.  Most of these hands-free faucets also have a timer, so the water will turn off automatically after a minute or so.

This type of faucet is very convenient, especially if you have arthritis in your hands, and you don’t have to worry about the tap being left on by accident.

3. Install more Lighting

Lighting is not only functional, but is a beautiful statement in your kitchen.  Inexpensive tape lighting can be installed under the cabinets for task lighting.  Tape lights can also be put in a toe kick or under the island overhang which will not only look stunning, but will help with wayfinding at night.

The kitchen is the heart of your home and, with a few Aging in Place adjustments, it can be not only beautiful, but more functional too.  

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