Does it feel like sometimes your cluttered house is taking over your life?

You want to declutter your home, but the thought of emptying your closets is so overwhelming, that you don’t even start.

You think that there are not enough hours in the day to declutter and organize your entire house, so what’s the point in even starting…

One major reason we have so much clutter is the fact that we’re just too busy with life to declutter the whole house all at one time.  We think that even if we do start decluttering, we’ll end up with a bigger mess than before, which gets us even more stressed out, so we put it off for another day.

But all that changes, right now – no more excuses!  I’ve got you!

Today, we’re going to get control of your schedule so that you have time to do what you need to do to have a clutter-free home.


 “Clutter is caused by a failure to return things to where they belong.” 

– Marie Kondo –

This simple 7-Step Declutter Plan will help you organize your entire house and keep it clutter-free for good, even when you’ve had a super busy day.

You can do 1 step every day if you’re really motivated, but you need to be easy on yourself.  If you can’t finish a step, finish it the next day – there are no “Clutter Police” here!  As long as you commit to finishing one step before you move on to the next, then go at your own pace.


Step 1 – Gather Supplies

Grab a few garbage bags and three or four boxes for sorting. You need a keep, give away, and sell box. Some people like to separate the things they will give to friends from the things they will donate, so you may want an additional donation box.

You’ll also need some dust cloths, paper towels, and other cleaning supplies.


Step 2 – Master Bedroom Closet

This is where most people find things get out of control quickly, so starting here will give you the most bang for your buck. Toss everything from your closet onto your bed. Sort your items into the right boxes, putting away the things you want to keep.

If you’re short on space, separate your “keep” clothes by season and store the unseasonable items in bins.

Step 3 – Bathrooms

Your bathroom is also a place where clutter tends to accumulate quickly. Grab a trash bag, go in there, and toss all old and unusable makeup and any products you don’t or won’t use.

Remember, most makeup is expired after six months.

Step 4 – Kitchen

Again, for the kitchen, focus on eliminating anything you don’t use regularly. If you only use something yearly for the holidays, for example, put it with your holiday décor so that you can take it out only at the times you need it.

Invest in a few drawer organizers – they will give your random gadgets a home, and help keep your kitchen counters clear. 

Step 5 – Living Room

The Living Room is also a clutter hotspot because this is where the family likes to hang out and visit, read, do homework, work, etc. Toss the trash and put away things that belong in other rooms.

Get the whole family involved by giving them each their own basket to gather their stuff and put it away.

Step 6 – Old Electronics

This is a common problem, but a quick search on Google (or a chat with a neighbor) can help you find a place to donate or dispose of your old electronics

Some office supply stores (like Staples) will also recycle some of your old electronics for free.

Step 7 – Old Paperwork

Yes, you do need to keep certain tax documents and papers for several years. The answer to decluttering your old paperwork is to use a file cabinet and create a filing system for these things. Then, once a year, (put it in your calendar!) eliminate the things that you don’t need anymore and shred them, when possible.

Paper is one of the worst clutter-culprits – creating a system to handle your paperwork is a time-consuming task, but well worth the effort! 

There you have it! With this 7-Step Plan, you can declutter your entire house and have an organized home.  Use this Plan at least once month (write it in your calendar!) to keep your home clutter-free for years to come.

Of course, if you’re short on time, you can always stretch out the plan and tackle each task on a weekly basis.  The key is to map out a plan that works for you and stick to it.

Happy Decluttering!


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Quote by Marie Kondo - Clutter is caused by a failure to return things to where they belong.

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