If you’re looking to update your kitchen without having to do a major renovation, here are 7 quick and easy changes that will make a big impact on your kitchen space.


Happiness is a small house,

with a big kitchen.

– Alfred Hitchcock –

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1. Cabinet Doors and Front

For the biggest bang for your buck, replace the kitchen cabinet doors and drawer fronts.  If your cabinets are wood from the 80’s, opt for a more modern flat style in your favorite color for a total kitchen transformation.  A flat door is not only beautiful, but much easier to keep clean!

If replacing the doors and fronts is too expensive, painting them is another low-cost option.

2. Cabinet Jewelry

The easiest way to transform a dated kitchen is to replace all of the hardware on your cabinets and drawers.  There are lots of beautiful handles and pulls on the market now that will add a sparkle to your kitchen. 

3. Paint the Room

If painting the cabinets sounds too intimidating, paint the walls instead.  Paint is the easiest and most cost effective upgrade you can make to any room, not just the kitchen.

4. Change the Fixtures

A new modern faucet and sink can make a big impact in your kitchen.  There are many different styles and finishes to choose from, not to mention some great features. 

Sinks come in a range of different shapes colors and textures, it may be hard to choose! 

A touchless faucet is so handy, and it shuts off by itself, which also makes it a great choice for the “Aging in Place” family.  For more information about Aging in Place design, read this blog. 


5. Add an Island

Depending on how large your kitchen is, this may not be the most economical update.  A kitchen island can add loads of storage as well as space to prep food or provide extra seating. 

An island doesn’t have to be stationary either, there are a number of islands on wheels that can also supply extra counter space and storage. 


6.  Add a Backsplash

Adding some beautiful tile to the backsplash is a great and inexpensive way to change the look and feel of your kitchen.  This would be an easy DIY project too.  The hardest part will be picking the tile you want to use, because there are literally thousands of choices. 


7.  Install more Lights

There are so many ways to add more lights to your kitchen. 

You can install rigid or flexible tape lights almost anywhere – under the cabinets, over the cabinets, under the counter, in the toe-kick – the possibilities are endless.   Many of these lights are battery powered, or can be charged by a USB cable.  Some even come with a remote control.  


I hope you’re feeling inspired to make a few updates to your kitchen.  It doesn’t take too much money or effort to make your kitchen look brand new again!  

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