It’s going to be a journey.  It’s not a sprint to get in shape.

Kerri Walsh Jennings

Working towards a weight loss goal by yourself is hard.

It takes a toll on you, physically, emotionally and mentally. And after you’ve starved yourself, worked out like a madwoman, counted your last carb and calorie, you tell yourself that THIS TIME those pounds will never return.

But the sad truth is that we can easily re-gain that weight because we fall back into the same old habits.

Here are 5 tips to guarantee that you keep the weight off for good this time.



1.  Remove the word “diet” from your vocabulary

Most ‘diet’ers gain back their weight within a year.

Some even gain more than they lost. 

So instead of following some 10-week eating plan, why not change your entire outlook on food?

Food shouldn’t be a substitute for anything.

Food should be eaten for nourishment and sustainability. It should taste good and look good and appeal to all your senses without being loaded with processed sugars, oils, and chemicals.

weight loss success

Make it a habit to eat whole foods rich in fiber, protein, omega-3 fatty acids, minerals, and vitamins.  Fruits, vegetables, whole grains, grass-fed meat, and wild-caught fish are a great place to start. Use aromatic vegetables like onions and garlic, to make your food look, smell, and taste delicious.  Spices and herbs will also add extra flavor to your dishes.

Eat mindfully. Take your time to savor your food, appreciate its taste, texture, and smell.  For more information about mindful eating for weight loss, read this article:

Taking in the whole experience of eating allows you to enjoy your food more, reducing the need to overindulge.


2. Strengthen your muscles

As we age, we lose muscle mass which is why it’s crucial to start strengthening your muscles to prevent fatigue, loss of balance, and weak bones.

Also, muscle tissue burns more calories than fat, even when you’re not working out. Yet another reason to stretch and pump those muscles.

Here is an article from Healthline if you want to learn more about how to burn more calories:

weight loss success

3.  Accept the Setbacks

There will be days when you’re faced with difficult decisions, like a party at work or going out with friends. If you can plan ahead, then you’re way ahead of the game. Fill up on healthy snacks before the event, or keep a small snack in your bag like carrot sticks or a healthy granola bar.

There will also be cravings that gnaw at you until you think you can’t take it anymore. More often than not, cravings are not about food.


Cravings can be a signal that your body lacks a certain mineral. For example, when you crave chocolate, your body may be saying that it’s lacking magnesium.

Cravings could also be a reaction to a stressful day at work or an emotional problem you’re going through.

All cravings last about 20 minutes so find something to distract yourself; watch TV, read a book, inhale an essential oil, even brushing your teeth will quickly curb your craving.


4. Surround yourself with supportive friends and family

People who believe in the same things as you make it easier to enjoy a healthy, well-balanced lifestyle.

They support you and believe in what you’re doing, and may even become your workout buddy or help prepare meals with you.

And, in turn, they become your accountability partner so that if, and when, you slip up, you have someone that provides understanding and support.


5.  Visualization

family support

Visualization is a tool used by Olympic athletes and successful business people – even Tiger Woods uses visualization.

Science has shown that when we picture in detail our desired outcome, on a regular basis, we create new neural pathways in the brain, which then cause us to act in certain ways that actually draw our desired outcome to us! 

Here is a great article about visualization:

Pretty neat, huh?

weight loss success

So picture yourself at your ideal, healthy weight. Feel the extra energy you will have, see how your muscles are toned and sleek, and how you are in prime condition. Imagine how you will feel when you have achieved your ideal body weight.

What emotions will you feel? How will other people react to you? How will your life be different? Picture yourself eating healthy foods, exercising, relaxing, and having fun.

See, in as much vivid detail as you can, your body and your life once you have reached your ideal weight.

Click the button below to listen to my 5-minute guided visualization for weight loss

Spend a few minutes, several times a day, to practice this visualization.

Let me know in the comments below, which of these tips you’re going to implement to help you get the results you want.  In the meantime, have a wonderful day! J

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