If you’ve turned on HGTV lately, you know how popular home renovation shows are these days.  But, the real “reality” is, that starting a home renovation or new build project is exciting, but it’s overwhelming at the same time. So, before you even start talking to a contractor about a home renovation, or building your dream house, there are 5 extremely important things you should do first.


Thinking about design is hard,

but not thinking about it can be disastrous.

– Ralph Caplan –

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1. Learn How to Use Pinterest

Pinterest is an amazing social media platform that is actually a search engine.  You can find beautiful pictures of all kinds of houses and rooms that will spark your inspiration and help you start your design process.

Spend some time on Pinterest – create a separate board for every room in your house and start “pinning” your favorite interior design images.

Figuring out what you like and don’t like now will make the whole design process easier on everyone involved in your project. Go to (or in Canada) to get started.

2. Make a List of Your “Must-Haves”

You already know that you want a curbless shower, a HUGE walk-in closet, and a theatre-style media room? Great!

Write it down.

Don’t forget electrical and lighting.  For example, if you know you want a reading chair in the corner of your room, you need to make sure your electrician knows to put an electrical outlet in that corner.

Write it down.

Don’t assume ANYTHING!   

Write it down – with as many design details as possible.

3. Inventory Your Furniture

Do you have some furniture for your new house or new room?  Now’s the time to take pictures, measure the dimensions and make a note of exactly where you want it to go. 

Write it all down.  (are you seeing the theme here?? 🙂 )

This will ensure there will be room for everything in your space.

4. Take Some Time for the Feels

After all this work, it’s time to sit back and think about feelings. 

Specifically, how do you want your room or house to feel when you walk in the door? Do you want a calm, relaxing space? Or an eclectic party-pad? 

Thinking about this now will help you down the road with your color and decor choices.

And yes, write it all down!


5. Communicate

Now it’s time to take all of your pictures, must-have’s, measurements, and ideas and talk to your contractor.  Don’t just hand it to them.  You need to go through it all with them to make sure they understand exactly what you want.  

This is your house, you will be living there, not your contractor. 

Time and time again, my clients have told me that their previous contractor didn’t do something the way they wanted, and 9 1/2 times out of 10 it’s because the client wasn’t clear on their wants…so, I’ll say it again…

WRITE…IT…DOWN and get excited because you’ve take the steps to make sure your new home or renovation will be done exactly how you envision! 🙂 

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