What if your home was designed so you could live there forever…comfortably, independently, and safely.


“Aging in Place: the ability to safely grow old in one’s own home”

My Services

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Whether you’re moving to a smaller home or a seniors facility, or you just want to refresh, declutter and reorganize your space.

Perfect for someone who is looking for a little help to make their home a safe, comfortable and beautiful space.

This is a virtual coaching session that can also include organizing, packing and furniture placement recommendations.    *ask about our package rates*

$75.00 CDN* / hour

Aging in Place

A virtual consultation to assess your entire home and yard.  This will include an outline of Aging in Place modifications, personalized for your current and future needs.

Perfect for anyone who wants to live in their current home for as long as possible.

This service can also include sourcing safety equipment, downsizing (decluttering), organizing, and furniture placement recommendations.

$99.00 CDN/hour

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Design Jumpstart

A 1-hour virtual consultation to discuss your new home or custom renovation design from an Interior Designers’ creative perspective.

After our conversation, you’ll no longer feel overwhelmed or worried that you’ve missed something.

Perfect for home renovations or new builds.

This service can also include Aging in Place recommendations.

$99.00 CDN/hour

“A house is made of bricks and beams.

A home is made of hopes and dreams.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson

About Me

When we move into our first home, we can’t imagine living anywhere else…ever. But, as we age, sometimes we find that our house isn’t designed for the special needs of our aging body.

Many of us want to stay independent as long as possible, but it’s hard with our limited health and social services.

Fortunately, “Aging in Place” can now be a reality.

Growing up in a small rural town in southern Quebec, I am very familiar with life in a small community with limited services.  As a young adult, I also worked part-time in a retirement home throughout my high school and college years.

I’m familiar with the special needs of seniors who want to continue living in their own homes.

I understand the fear of losing one’s independence and of facing a stressful move to an unfamiliar place.

Whether you want to organize, declutter and/or renovate your current home, build a new home for your retirement, or are looking to redecorate or redesign a “new to you” home, KAY Interior Design Solutions can not only help you design, organize and decorate, but also implement Aging in Place principles.

Together we can ensure that your home is not only beautiful but will be a comfortable and safe refuge as you move through the seasons of your life.

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